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Ecom Is BIG And Getting Bigger…

Unfortunately, Most People Get Stuck

In The “Research Phase”

That’s because finding quality physical products that people will want and actually buy is extremely time-consuming…

To Find The Best Physical Products, You Have To…

  • Search multiple websites like AliExpress, Ebay, and Amazon.
  • Compare pricing and features.
  • Look at various shipping terms, prices, and timelines
  • Use the search engine provided by the various sites to find the products that will best fit in your online store (sometimes this makes it hard to find exactly what you’re looking for)
  • Put all this research together and decide which products you want to offer your customers.

It can be exhausting, and it takes HOURS when you’re flipping back and forth between websites, taking notes, and manually comparing everything…

We Knew There MUST Be A Better Way

To Find Money-Making Physical Products...

Hi there…

Sajan Elanthoor here with Naveen Sharma

There’s no question that eCom is a massive opportunity for you to make a lot of money right now.

And when it comes to making money online, I know my stuff…

Although I’ve been crushing it as an affiliate marketer, I shifted my focus to eCom in 2016 because of the huge opportunity for big money, and I quickly realized...

...it’s not as fast and easy as everyone says.

Getting started and finding products that people will actually buy is the MOST important key to success with eCom, and it can take a bit of time and effort to do all that product research...

The Rest Is Pretty Simple.

But if you don’t get the right products in your store, you’ll struggle.

The more I got involved with eCom, the more I found myself spending time researching products, comparing prices, and more...

I knew there MUST be a better way than manually scouring various websites for products to fill my store.

It just seemed like too much of a manual process, so I partnered with Naveen Sharma and we created the ultimate solution to finding and sourcing physical products...


Intelligent Inspector

Intelligent Inspector Makes It Easy To Search For Products In ANY Niche
From Aliexpress, Ebay, And Amazon, All In One Place.

Intelligent Inspector Makes You Money

In Just 3 Simple Steps...


Enter A Keyword (Or Any Of The Other Intelligent Search Parameters Offered)


Find Thousands Of High-Margin Products That People
Will Love To Buy From AliExpress, Ebay, and Amazon.


Export Your Product List And Start Selling Or Drill Down For More Details For Each Product

Who Needs Intelligent Inspector?

  • Shopify store owners.
  • Your own custom eCom store
  • Amazon affiliates
  • Ebay affiliates
  • Traditional Ebay and Amazon product sellers (this is a KILLER research tool for spying on your competition)
  • Anyone doing anything with eCom or physical products will save time and make money with this powerful app

Watch Intelligent Inspector In Action...

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HURRY! Price Increases to $37/month soon!

This Easy-To-Use App Levels The Playing Field And

Makes eCommerce Profitable For Anyone...

If you’ve ever tried eCom in the past and found yourself stuck or spinning your wheels, you know that finding the PERFECT products to fill you online store is the hardest part.

And let’s face it…

Researching across multiple marketplaces and trying to find the best products at the right prices can be an extremely tedious process…

That is… until now!

Intelligent Inspector makes it easy for anyone to profit with physical products...

Intelligent Inspector Is Packed

Features That Make It Easy To Find Products And Profit!

Search for physical products on Amazon, Ebay, and AliExpress all in one place...

There’s nothing to install because Intelligent Inspector is securely hosted in the cloud.

Sort by price, reviews, product rating, and more with just one click...

Export your new product list into PDF, CSV, or XLS format with one click.

Each product search shows you the product’s title, an image, the product’s rating, how many reviews the product has received, the price, shipping details, and more… all in one place.

Use our “bookmarking” feature inside the app to quickly save the products you're interested in selling or want to research further...

Product search results are real time listings because of our direct link with Amazon, AliExpress, and Ebay, so you can always be confident that the details are 100% accurate and

Click on any product to go to the full listing in a separate window...

Multiple Search And Filtering

Options Available...

Search Options For Ebay

  • Choose from all of eBay's country websites.
  • Search all product categories or choose from any of Ebay’s categories.
  • Set any price range you want to search by choosing a minimum price and maximum price.
  • Enter any keyword you want to include in your search.
  • You can even search by Ebay store name
  • Sort by Best Match, Items that have received the fewest/most bids, Highest current price first, Highest price including shipping, Lowest price including shipping, Start time, and end time.

Search Options For Amazon

  • Choose whether you want to search Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.
  • Search all product categories or choose from any of Amazon’s product categories.
  • Set any price range you want to search by choosing a minimum price and maximum price.
  • Enter any keyword you want to include in your search...

Search Options For AliExpress

  • Choose to search by category.
  • Sort your search by Best Seller, Pricing, Commission Rate, Volume, Valid Time Up, and Valid Time Down.
  • Set any price range you want to search by choosing a minimum price and maximum price.
  • Enter any keyword you want to include in your search...

Why This Is Better Than Finding Products

The “Old Fashioned” Way

It’s Faster - Search AliExpress, Amazon, and Ebay all in one place

It’s Easier - No more spreadsheets or manual note-taking - Included export and bookmarking features in the app make it easier than ever to find and save the products you’re interested in

It’s More Intelligent - Multiple search parameters and sorting options help you find products you would have never found before…

Real People Getting Real Results

With Intelligent Inspector

Are You Ready To Find Physical Products

The Intelligent Way?

This is one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use apps you’ll ever get your hands on…

This simple app will save you countless hours and make it easier than ever to find the best and most profitable physical products on AliExpress, Ebay, and Amazon…

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We’re confident that once you get inside the easy-to-use dashboard and start using this powerful money-making tool, you’ll never want to go back to finding products the old-fashioned way ever again.

Bu there’s no pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • q-iconWhat is Intelligent Inspector

    Intelligent Inspector is an easy-to-use physical products research app that makes it easy to find highly-profitable physical products for your eCom store.

    With Intelligent Inspector, you can quickly search AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon for products by a number of parameters like price, keyword, and more.

  • q-iconIs this software newbie friendly?

    Yes, Intelligent Inspector was designed with a focus on simplicity. There is nothing to install because this is a cloud-based app, and you can access Intelligent Inspector from anywhere.

    The app features an easy-to-navigate, graphical user interface which truly makes using this ‘point and click’ simple.

  • q-iconWhat are the biggest advantages of using Intelligent Inspector?

    With Intelligent Inspector, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort. Because you’re able to search AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon all in one place, you can quickly get a pulse for what’s selling well, the best pricing, and you don’t flip around between different sites to compare and research.

    This is the step where most people get STUCK, and we’ve made it easier than ever to find highly-profitable products for your eCom store in just minutes.

  • q-iconWhy can’t I just search for products manually on these sites?

    You can, but why do things the hard way?

    This app makes it easy to research AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon all in one place. You can bookmark products you’re interested in, easily compare between all 3 sites, and you have access to powerful search parameters that will help you find products you may have missed searching the traditional way.

  • q-iconWhat about updates and support?

    Updates to the existing app are included for FREE. Although Intelligent Inspector is incredibly easy-to-use, if you ever need help with the app, we’re just a support ticket away.

  • q-iconDo I need anything special to use this software?

    All you need is an internet connection to access Intelligent Inspector.

  • q-iconIs there a monthly fee to use Intelligent Inspector?

    If you get this right now, you get ongoing access to intelligent Inspector for a one-time investment with no monthly fees.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yes, you get 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with Intelligent Inspector, just send us an email or open a support ticket, and we’ll get you a prompt refund.

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